Let me tell you about this. Kiln height, wheelthrown, handcarved porcelain. I will glaze the roses white. I made it for my cityworks boston show, opening in September. I’ve always loved this building, the Boylston street fire station. This is the station of the two firefighters that lost their lives on Mar 26. My husbands a firefighter, different city. Personal connection with this building beyond the beautiful architecture.

dave-the-ceramists asked:

Hi I'm Dave and I'm and a junior in high school and absolutely in love with ceramics. Hoping to both spread my work and be inspired here on tumblr. If u could possibly help with tips or publicity I would greatly appreciate it. And by the way you are beautiful and very talented

I think you need to make a lot of work. A ton of work. Hundreds, maybe thousands of rotten bad pieces with heavy bottoms and poor glaze. Work through to get to the good stuff. And even then, keep striving for better. Always. An opportunity will come when you have the work to give it. Work comes first- 10,000 hrs to make a master ( ….and I really think that’s the case). People will start to like your things, promote you. You then promote you. Fame and fortune-go!

Most valuable for me: approach art making as a blue collar job. Art school gave me a romantic notion of being an artist. I was raised more practical. Wake up, work long and probably in solitude. Rinse, repeat.
And keep going. Don’t quit.
Xoxo- the beauty:)